Boys and Girls Club Career Day

March 7th through the 12th is National Boys and Girls Club Week. Each day, clubs across the nation are educating youth on specific topics that will benefit their future.
Today was all about education and career development. A group of 80 students from sixth grade and up had the opportunity to explore a variety of different career choices. Representatives from Coast Electric, Garden Park Medical Group, Wells Fargo, Trust Mark Bank and Gulfport Fire Department were on hand to answer any and all questions.
Many of the students who attended the fair are years away from a high school graduation but tell News 25 it is never too early to start planning for the future. “Some kids don’t get the opportunity because they aren’t eligible or they’re not in a facility like this. So, it gives us sort of an advantage over some of the people who don’t get this opportunity,” said Boys and Girls Club member Angel Adkins. Boys and Girls Club member Devon Guy said, “One that interested me was the finance one where you learned about your money outtake, how much you spend, how much you save and stuff like that.”
Youth will learn all about the arts at the Boys and Girls Club in Hancock County on Thursday. On Friday, they’ll travel to D’iberville to learn everything about sports, fitness and recreation.

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