Boy Scouts will admit girls in 2018

The Boy Scouts of America voted and have allowed girls to join the Boy Scouts and even earn the highest rank of an Eagle Scout. News 25’s Taylor Rubach spoke with a scout executive and even people in the community and gives us more on this story.
Scout Executive Casey Norwood said, “To be able to instill those values into our daughters, I think is a great thing. We hope to because they’re already there and so we’re creating a program that will be single gender that will meet alongside the boy dens if the chartering organization chooses to do so.”
The Scouting Board of Directors voted on Wednesday to make the historic change after more than one hundred years by allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts. “What most people don’t know is we’ve had girls in our program, in all of our programs, exploring, venturing, learning for life and STEM scouts for a long, long time. We’ve been serving the entire family for a long time.”
Starting next year, girls can join Cub Scout dens, which will be single gender: one for boys and one for girls. The meshing of girls joining the boys is causing some controversy in the community. Gulfport resident Alexus Fairley said, “I wouldn’t have girls in Boy Scouts. They can learn the stuff boys learn in Girl Scouts.”
Gulfport resident Chris Ellerman said, “Yeah, you know, I think Boy Scouts is a way where boys can just get together and be boys, just have some boy time. And girls, you know, girls have cooties.”
While some are against the vote, others explain that it sounds like equal opportunity. Gulfport resident Kendra Beck said, “It sounds like a good opportunity to be one of the guys and to make fires, whatever the guys do.”
Gulfport resident Samar Fairley said, “You might want to learn how a boy learns it cause what if they learn it differently or learn more skills than you do because, a lot of people think that boys are smarter or more tough than girls and you get to prove them that boys and girls are equal.”
Gulfport resident Candace Woodcock said, “I guess it’s a good thing, you know, equal opportunity. Girls get to see what the guys go through and experience different things that they would with Girl Scouts.”
Gulfport resident Daniel Jones said, “Whether it’s a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout, everyone’s out there to have fun and learn about the wilderness.”
This measure goes into effect in 2018. They will also allow a separate program for older girls in 2019, enabling them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

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