Boy Scouts clean up Pass Christian beaches after Fourth

While the Coast played host to many locals and tourists for the Fourth of July Weekend, our beaches pay the price.

One local group took to the beaches of Pass Christian Sunday to help clean up what is left behind.

Armed with gloves, masks, and plenty of garbage bags, Boy Scouts Troop 316 and Crew 314 spent four hours picking up trash on the beach. Items left behind included glass, firework remnants, and other sorts of trash.

The kids were happy to help their community. Scout Master Sean Keady said, “Well obviously our beaches are a hot spot for gathering on the Fourth of July, so they tend to accumulate a lot of fireworks garbage. So we think it’s important that we get out and help out in our community.”

Boy Scout Nathan Stevens said, “People leave them very messy. Like if there are fireworks that haven’t gone off and they’ll leave them there and if people walk by– and like people walk by them and then one goes off, it could hurt somebody very seriously.”

Boy Scout Joseph Daniel said, “Just clean up their trash. I mean, if you just clean up what you use then nothing will be out here.”

This isn’t the only time you’ll be seeing Troop 316 on the beach with garbage bags in hand. The troop plans periodical beach clean ups to help make sure their community stays uncluttered.

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