Boil water notice impacting the City of Pascagoula

News 25 went to Pascagoula to see how the city-wide boil water notice is impacting local businesses.

Those that are open are adapting, but many have closed their doors for the holiday season and won’t be open again until the new year.

Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman says they are working as quickly as possible to alleviate any inconveniences the boil water notice has caused. “Citizens and businesses have been quite understanding of the situation. However, knowing it’s a holiday, we want to work as quickly as possible to resolve this matter. Our public works department has been working tirelessly to fix this issues and we are hopeful things will get resolved soon.”

The boil water notice was issued out of precaution. Last week’s freezing temperatures led to a few pipes bursting and one major rupture at the East Bank Ingalls facility that caused the water table to drop significantly.

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