Boatcar hits the Coast for Cruisin’ festivities

Chuck and June Bullock traveled to the Coast from Chauvin, Louisiana to show off their one-of-a-kind hot rod, a Boatcar called ‘Y Knot.’

Chuck says he built the Boatcar as a passion project a few years ago and took him two months to complete. If you are wondering, no the car is not seaworthy.

The vehicle is decked out with train horns, flags, and even a gator named Elvis.

Chuck says his favorite part about driving around in the car is seeing the reaction of people witnessing it for the first time. “I’ve been building hot rods for 50 years. I have three others that are hot rods, but nothing gets attention like this does, and I’m kind of a showoff, so it just fit.”

The couple will be along the Coast until at least Sunday night so you still have a chance of spotting the Boatcar sailing along the Coast.

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