Boat Slip Fees up for Discussion

If you rent slips for your boat at Biloxi Small Craft Harbor or Point Cadet Marina, you could be seeing an increase with your rates.
The rate of $6 per foot will remain the same but the proposed fee will be based on either the size of the boat from bow to stern or on the size of the slip used, whichever is larger.
In the past, the length of the boat was measure at the water line, so a 45-foot boat using a 60-foot slip would pay a fee for a 45-foot vessel. Some fishermen do not like the idea of their rates increasing, especially because of the rough season they have had so far. Nguyen Hoang owns a boat at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. He said, “I think it’s bad for fishermen because, like last year, this season, there was so much rain and we have to stay in the dock. We have fishermen waiting in here with no money.”
During tonight’s Biloxi City Council meeting, they read through that motion for the first time. They’ll make a decision in upcoming meetings.

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