Blessing of the Animals

It looks like they’ll be joined by a few cats, a potbellied pig and a miniature pony. Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach held their Annual Blessing of the Pets today; the ceremony coincides with the feast day of St. Francis, the patron Saint of Animals. It’s a day when students come together bringing their pets to school for a special blessing. This is an event that has become a favored tradition for teachers and students at the school.

Joscelin Steiner tells News 25’s, “We have a crawfish here today, we have a crab, we have of course dogs and cats, we have a turtle, we have a horse. So it’s really fun to… a bearded dragon? Ok! Fun to be able to show off pets who are part of their family. When we’re praying in chapel they’re often praying for their pets so this time they get to actually bring them to school.”

There were more than 100 pets that trotted away after being blessed with their owners today.

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