Blessey Talks Tidelands Funds and More

The City of Biloxi is ready to take the state to court over $1.1 million owed after the city’s share of rent from the Golden Nugget Casino was inadvertently swept into the state’s general fund.
City Attorney Gerald Blessey explained this to the Biloxi Rotary Club today, saying in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future, they will ask the court for Biloxi to collect the rent directly and send a check to the state instead of vice versa.
He also touched on issues with tidelands funds, saying that about $10 million a year is collected from tidelands leases and adding that more than 80 percent of those dollars come from Biloxi casinos and businesses. “We think that’s unfair and we think it can be corrected by everyone on the waterfront paying a fair share or Biloxi being able to reinvest the money in tourism related developments that would generate even more tidelands revenue for the state,” said Blessey.
Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich has plans for $35 million in development of the waterfront aimed at enhancing family oriented entertainment and tourism on the Coast.

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