Blazing the campaign trail before the runoff election

The runoff election is tomorrow and that means the campaign trail to secure the Republican nomination for governor is on fire.

Over the last few days, gubernatorial candidates Tate Reeves and Bill Waller Jr. made their last pitches to voters on the Coast before they head to the polls to cast their ballots.

Almost three weeks ago, Mississippi held its primary election and the result is a runoff between Republican gubernatorial candidates Tate Reeves and Bill Waller Jr. Waller said, “I am the infrastructure candidate for the Republican primary and I’m the candidate who can win in November.”

Reeves said, “I’m the only true conservative running for the governor of Mississippi.”

The two hit the campaign trail hard over the last three weeks discussing topics that they believe impact Mississippians the hardest. “I am the only candidate running for governor in either party that’s opposed to raising the gas tax on hard-working Mississippi families. I’m the only candidate running for governor this year who is opposed to Obamacare expansion in Mississippi,” said Reeves.

Waller said, “But the people who live here and who work here, they understand the importance of it, because everyone is seeing the conditions of the roads and they understand what a properly maintained road is for. We have to have them. No business is going to locate here. Nobody is going to move here if we don’t have the infrastructure.”

In the primary election, Reeves received nearly 49 percent of the vote, falling just under the 50 percent plus one he needed to secure the Republican nomination for governor. Waller picked up more than 33 percent of the vote.

As both candidates plan to blaze their trail right up to the polls Tuesday, they want you to remember this: Reeves said, “Let’s support the person who, when it wasn’t easy, stood up for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I did it during Katrina. I did it during the BP oil spill. I’ve had the Coast’s back and I know tomorrow the Coast is going to have my back.”

“It is important for our tourists. Our tourists want to travel on good paved roads. I think when they visit Mississippi we want them to have some good roads and say we enjoyed our trip and their infrastructure there was the best we’ve seen,” said Waller.

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