‘Black Like it Never Left’ art exhibit pays homage to historic fashion

Visitors can take a step into history at the ‘Black Like it Never Left’ exhibit.

Showcasing iconic fashion and tools used in the black community, the exhibit encapsulates what it means to be art.

Anthony Badon created the exhibit after a friend of his mentioned his father giving him a jar of Murray’s, a hair pomade created in 1925.

This reminded him that while some things have changed, some things stay the same. “I really hope that young people can see this and they can say, ‘Okay, I identify with that. I see that. I can be a part of history, I am a part of art.’ The way that I express myself and live my life, it is art. That’s what I hope they get from it.”

“The Black Like it Never Left’ exhibit is in the Fine Arts Building at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Harrison County campus. The exhibit is up until February 28th.

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