Black History Month: Jeramey Anderson

All through February, WXXV 25 has paid tribute to the work and achievements of African Americans around the Gulf Coast. We complete our Black History Month series by highlighting a young man whose story impacted the entire state when he became the youngest candidate to win a House seat in Mississippi. Here’s more on Representative Jeramey Anderson.

We all know of the amazing story of State Representative Jeramey Anderson, the young legislative hopeful who took the state by surprise when won the 2013 election for House Representative for District 110, but Friday night, we stepped back from politics and asked the really tough questions. Anderson says, "The last movie I cried on was Selma. That’s right, because it was very emotional, you know, just the whole timeline was very emotional. A very young leader, trying to lead this great, big movement, trying to move this group of people into a situation where they would have a better life for themselves and their children.”

The now 23 year old Anderson grew up in Moss Point. His unexpected rise to the House has been an adventure he’s been ready for since he was in kindergarten, when he knew he wanted to be President one day. Anderson also says, “And I had no idea of how to do that, no idea what the President did. I had no idea how I needed to get there in order to be President, I just knew that I had this big dream of one day becoming the President.”

It was no surprise when as a teenager, he and a group of friends started a mentoring organization, the Purple Knights. Anderson says, “Other than trying to do something positive in our community, and it started with just us meeting after school, doing a little community service here and there, hosting small events and that kind of thing, it was just something to keep us out of trouble.”

By all definitions, a born leader, Anderson says his political aspirations are also about being an example to the younger generation on how to pursue their goals. Anderson also says, “And I ran to show them that, you know, there’s a course to everything, and you set your own course and if you believe in yourself and believe in what you’re trying to accomplish, then they sky’s the limit.” But his real goal is to bring unity to a nation divided by politics.

Anderson closes, “I think every generation will have their Dr. King. I’m not saying I’m ours, but if I can make a big impact like Dr. King did, then I accept that challenge.”

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