Black Friday Shopping

For many Gulf Coast families, the dinner table is cleared, the football games are over, and it’s now time for big holiday deals. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when retailers offer major discounts to attract shoppers into their stores to boost profits. The idea is to get out of the red, and into the black. No problem for coast retailers, as residents hit the stores in droves. The Gulfport Premium Outlets, for example, opened at 6pm Thursday and will be open until 10pm Friday – offering more than 24 hours of big savings for those brave enough to join the crowds.

Shopper, Kerri Kuhnke, was one of them. "We wanted to get all the good deals before everyone else got them tomorrow. So we came out today. And they gave us coupons for tomorrow! So that’s good," says Kuhnke.


Other retailers on the Gulf Coast opened as early as 3pm.

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