Black Friday safety tips

When the turkey is finished and the football games are over, that means it is time to head to the malls. The day after Thanksgiving is famously known as Black Friday or the busiest shopping day of the year. Although it is a great time to snag some deals it comes with a number of potential safety hazards.
It’s always a mad rush as soon as the doors open on Black Friday and this year won’t be different, but as you scurry to get the best deal, the people watching out for you want to make sure that shoppers stay safe. Major Christopher De Back with Biloxi PD said, “If you carry a purse or some other kind of bag make sure you keep it on you, but otherwise try and keep everything in your pockets. When using your credit card or something like that make sure that you have the numbers at home so that if something should happen you can monitor your credit and certainly that is an issue now-a-days and over the holiday season.”
One of the most common areas that thieves strike during the holiday season is the parking lot. “You want to park in a safe location if you know it’s in the evening hours or low lit hours make sure you park in a lighted area. You want to make sure that your doors are locked when you leave your car, you don’t want to leave anything out in your car that are visible, especially things you just purchased.”
While there will be off duty police officers hired as security at various stores and extra Biloxi police patroling the roads, the police department says that is crucial that shoppers stay aware. “We can’t be every place at all times so it is very important. If you see something that is suspicious certainly call or let a security officer know.”

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