Black Breastfeeding Week kicks off August 25th through the 31st

The tenth anniversary of Black Breastfeeding Week is fast approaching.

‘Feeding from a Full Cup’ dedicates centering care for black mothers and their babies. At Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Sharing Health Education Awareness hosted an event for Black Breastfeeding Week.

According to, for over 40 years there has been a gaping racial disparity in breastfeeding rates.

The most recent CDC date shows that 75 percent of white women breastfeed versus 58.9 percent of black women. Since the duration has lingered for so long, it’s crucial to spend seven days to focus on the issue.

Tennille Collins, maternal and child director at MS Public Health Institution, said she would like to increase breastfeeding for black families on the Coast in two ways. The first way is education and awareness. “Mississippi has the lowest breastfeeding rates in the nation. We’re typically either last or next to last in terms of those that breastfeed in the states. When you look at the sub population, it’s even lower among African-American families.”

The second way is by providing resources. “Baby cafes are breastfeeding support sites. We also offer breastfeeding support virtually through our baby cafes.”

Guests at the event enjoyed a live performance, a community baby shower where they were given breast pumps and diapers. They also learned about the benefits of breast feeding from healthcare providers. Free COVID vaccine shots were also available.

Gulfport native Poet Natasha Trethaway came out to show her support. Creative Project Manager Ashia Carson said, “We invited Natasha down to talk a little bit about her latest book.”

The Pulitzer Prize winner answered questions after her discussion panel, sharing stories with the audience on motherhood in wake of her book ‘Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir.”

You can purchase the book on Amazon.

For more information on breast feeding tips and support visit ‘Sharing Health Education Awareness’ on Facebook.

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