Biloxi’s annual Fallen Officer Ceremony

This morning, the Biloxi Police Department honored their brothers in blue who have been killed in the line of duty.

Five flags with five names of fallen officers across them hung over the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center during Biloxi’s annual Fallen Officer Ceremony. During the memorial, Biloxi Police Chief John Miller recognized the five men who put their lives on the thin blue line.

Officer Robert McKeithen’s family was on hand still devastated after losing their loved one just 11 days ago when he was shot and killed outside the public safety center.

Knowing the pain all too well, Tina Wilson Jordan, who lost her father Biloxi Officer Emory Wilson to a motorcycle wreck when she was three years old, made a point to stand up and speak just to let the McKeithen’s know they are never alone. “I wanted them to understand that we have that same burden. We feel that same pain and let them know that we are here for them as well. They are our heroes and our love for them will never die.”

Also honored this morning were Animal Control Officer Nathan Mitchell, Lt. Michael Meaut, and Officer David Higginbotham.

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