Biloxi Walmart employee helps blind man

One Biloxi Walmart employee’s random act of kindness has now gone viral.
Brittany Walton was working her shift at Walmart when a blind man walked in and needed assistance with his shopping. She ended up walking hand in hand with her new friend as she helped him pick out what he needed.
Walton says that she never thought she would go viral or find a special moment like the one they shared while on the job. “I feel like I had to go and I was just like I got to go help him and I’m glad I did. I’m glad I was the one, I was chosen. Everybody needs somebody whether you are blind, whether you can see. Just lend a helping hand. Customer service is what it’s all about.”
Walton tells News 25 she plans to see her new friend and will always cherish this special bond they created.

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