Biloxi Visitors Center Gets Some Labor Day Tourism

Coast beaches were full of visitors Monday, but not everyone spent time on the sand, as the Biloxi Visitors Center also saw its share of visitors.

People flooded the Lighthouse Pier in Biloxi and it was a packed house across the street inside the Biloxi Visitors Center as people checked out exhibits and experiences some south Mississippi hospitality. Ann Finlan, a Washington resident, says, "Our winters are cold and wet, and so they are kind of extreme, and you guys already have heat still, we’re already starting to drop down below 80, so we don’t have the nice sunny weather like you guys do. So it’s just one last hurrah before we get ready for winter and get ready for snow."

Visitors Center employee, Yvette Mulcahi, worked on Labor Day, but she also took time to reflect. Mulcahi says, "When you live here, you have a tendency to overlook the beauty that’s out there, and I find that with myself, you’re in such a hurry to get from one place to the next and you don’t take the time to enjoy the beautiful ride all along Highway 90."

Traditionally, Labor Day weekend is the last big vacation of the summer, but what is it about Biloxi that brings people here to enjoy their Labor Day off? Mulcahi also says, "We have things for the children, we have splash pads, we have the children’s museum, we have history, we have art, it’s just a hodge podge that we can offer different varieties of people."

As a hostess of the City of Biloxi, Mulcahi guides visitors in their discovery of the city, and meets a lot of interesting people. One of them, a woman from Arizona, stopped in Biloxi during her journey to visit all 50 states. Karen Dressler, an Arizona resident, says, "Being a desert dweller like I am, the Coast holds a certain attraction, so that’s why I came to Biloxi."

She’s also a wildlife enthusiast. Finlan also says, “I’m super excited to see the bayou and the alligators." Ten year old, Thomas Bailey, isn’t old enough to work yet, but he was also taking a break. Bailey says, "Just because it’s Labor Day and we just came here, plus no school today, which is nice, so we took a little vacation."

Tuesday, it will be back to the grinding block, but for Labor Day, memories are being made. The Visitors Center will continue regular operating hours, even though summer is coming to an end.

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