Biloxi Shuckers back to school pep rally

School started just two weeks ago for Harrison Central Elementary School in Gulfport and some familiar faces from the Biloxi Shuckers held a pep rally this morning to get the students excited to be back.

Schooner and his Biloxi Shuckers friends helped the kids get excited, play games, and have mini-dance competitions. Some of these same activities and games are played at MGM Park.

Shuckers Administrative Assistant Jourdan Natale says this is the first back to school pep rally they’ve done, but they hope to get more together to get the kids excited about school. “We’re just trying to get the kids pumped and ready to go back to school. We love getting out in the community and just having a good time with everyone and let them know that we do have a presence here and just get them excited for school and baseball. You know we’re still going, we got playoffs coming up. Let them know that we’re still around and we want to get out and just get out and be in the community and have a good time.”

The Shuckers start their ‘hit the books’ program at the beginning of the calendar year so students can plan on seeing them a lot more.

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