Biloxi seeks to save oak tree on Azalea Drive

The City of Biloxi is hoping to save a decades-old live oak on Azalea Drive that some residents are concerned about.

The city was made aware of the situation by some of the residents from the neighborhood who complained that the tree was nearly nine feet encroached onto Azalea Drive, essentially making it one lane where it meets Irish Hill.

Other citizens and the owner of the home that the tree resides on are vouching for the tree to stay and remain alive.

The oak tree is just an added project to the already ongoing infrastructure work in the area.

The city is working with an arborist and residents to find a solution that saves the oak and Azalea Drive.

One thought has been to move some of the gutter systems to the east to make way for the roots. Resident Terry Stanton said, “Oh, I want them to stay for sure. I mean, they have been here longer than these roads have. We are engrossing in nature.”

Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich said, “We are going to see where the actual root system is and how much it is. Our arborist said it is a healthy system, a healthy tree. Maybe between the two, a combination between the two we can let the tree survive and let the traffic move safely.”

At this point the city plans to have their arborist perform some tree root trimming and afterwards re-establishing the roadway.

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