Biloxi residents dealing with river flooding

River flooding has been a major concern for South Mississippi due to the heavy rainfall from Hurricane Ida.

“When you live on the river, this is the stuff you deal with and 95 percent of the time, it is worth it.” For residents like Scott Tatham, who live in Wells Ferry Landing, river flooding is something he’s pretty used to. Although, thanks to Hurricane Ida, this time around the water was higher than he and his neighbors expected. “Not really prepared like we could have been, but it’s okay. We clean up and go on.”

Biloxi resident Steve Seaman said, “This one has been one of the worst we’ve had on the river. I think since the last two or three days since the waters got really high. It was a lot worse.”

Residents have their cars parked on the side of the highway to avoid damage caused by flooding. They’re use to pulling out the rain boots to trek through water to get to and from their vehicles. Yet, this time, even that was more difficult than usual. Biloxi resident Cindy Smith said, “Sometimes we can get in with waders, but this time you were unable to get in.”

“It’s challenging, but you kind of get used to it.”

While the flooding can be unpredictable, it’s just part of the lifestyle. “I’ve been here for about 15 or 16 years. We’re very familiar with the river, but we just hunker down and enjoy the river life.”

As the water recedes, it is time for the next step: the cleanup. “I’m not sure if I got some of my stuff high enough. Fixing to go find out.”

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