Biloxi resident celebrates 100th birthday

A Biloxi church-goer celebrated her centennial birthday over the weekend.

Bobbie Barbee turned 100-years-old Saturday and had a party at Parkway Baptist Church.

Bobbie and Pastor Argile Smith invited News 25 out to celebrate with her. Though she can’t see and has a hard time hearing, her mind is still razor sharp.

She was born January 8th, 1922. To put that in perspective, Charlie Chaplin was still making movies and it was the year Alexander Graham Bell died. Bobbie’s son, Jim Barbee, said, “Great lady, grew up in the church. We were from Lula, Mississippi in the Mississippi Delta. She’s lived there all her life. Worked at a bank for years and years. Raised five children — I’m the youngest of five. Good lady, lot of friends, never met a stranger, just a great inspiration to us all.”

Barbee told News 25 it means everything to her that her family traveled to be there on her special day.

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