Biloxi Public Schools peaceful protest

Today, a mother who was disturbed by the way Biloxi High School handled a recent school threat hosted a peaceful protest outside of the Biloxi School’s administration building.
“When there are some social injustices, when things aren’t being done right, you have to advocate, you have to stand up, even if you stand alone.” Katie Fulmer knew it was time to stand up for change after last week’s school threat in Biloxi High School, which the school district said was ‘not credible enough’ to inform parents.
For over a week now, Fulmer has tried to reach both the school district and the Biloxi High School principal in search of answers as to why she was not informed about the threat. “We’re not receiving responses back. So, we came to them today in hopes that we would be able to get somebody, just to get 15 minutes with them.”
The student responsible for last week’s threat got a three day suspension and Fulmer says the time he got does not align with the crime. “When you have school districts that are charging kids criminally, they’re expelling them and then you have Biloxi who has a three day suspension. The policies that we have in place right now they are not consistent with the threats that are being made these days.”
Today, community members protested for stricter punishment for students making threats, parental notification for any threat made by a student and consistency in punishment across the board. Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell said, “When you see kids murdered in schools like we did the other week, you know that tears your heart. It doesn’t make any difference if it is your child or your grandchild, it’s somebody’s child that died, and you don’t want to see that happen again.”
Despite the community’s efforts today, they still failed to get the school districts attention, but Fulmer says she is not giving up. “We are going to get somewhere with this. We are going to make change with this and we are not going away.”

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