Biloxi Police: Protect yourself from the plague of predatory scam artists

While many of us are trying to protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19, South Mississippi law enforcement wants to make sure we’re also taking safeguards from predatory scams on the rise right now.

As researchers and scientists world-wide are rushing to find a cure and vaccine to stop the COVID-19 virus in its tracks, another group is hard at work, criminals looking to steal your identity or separate you from your money, especially with the wave of government stimulus money heading our way. Major Chris De Back with Biloxi PD said, “We have gotten a few calls and looked into them. They’re generally calling and it’s dealing with this incentive package with the government. They are going to take any opportunity they can.”

But you don’t have to be a victim. A few pointers: while on your computer, don’t open any unknown attachments or visit websites you’re not familiar with. This is just one way crooks are trying to take advantage of an already difficult situation. “At this time of COVID, we’re getting all kinds of phone calls, sometimes emails, sometimes a letter in the mail from people that are trying to scam us. We certainly need to be aware of this, especially during times like this. Anything that you do get, call us so we can look into it. Don’t give out any personal information especially over the phone. If you’re not expecting that company to call, or they don’t normally call, like the IRS – they’re typically not going to call you for information. Your bank’s generally not going to call you. Call that institution and verify if it makes you feel more comfortable, but don’t give any personal information over the phone, email or send it in.”

While no arrests have been made yet, Biloxi police are actively investigating several scam complaints. They’re asking everyone who’s been targeted to lend a hand. “If you get that suspicious phone call or email, save the time and date, any information you have, get it to us so we can check it out.”

The elderly are a prime target, but these scammers cast a wide net. “Generally, the elderly population is more susceptible to any type of scam, however now with the certain types of stimulus packages the government’s proposing, everybody’s susceptible.”

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