Biloxi police investigating shooting that left five injured

Police are investigating an officer involved shooting that left five injured Sunday night in Biloxi as well as looking for a shooter.

A weekend of fun came to an abrupt end when shots rang through the parking lot of Surf Style in Biloxi. Five were injured, including a police officer, Biloxi Police Chief John Miller isn’t blaming the event for the Sunday shooting. “Most of the time you can point the finger at alcohol and then, you know, someone with a firearm that’s been drinking. A lot of the time that’s where the problems come from. So, large crowds, we’re not bothered by it. We can deal with that. But bad players who come looking for issues or problems or to try and make problems, that’s who we’ll be targeting.”

As the police continue to investigate, many people are asking another question: is this the end of Black Spring Break?

The City of Biloxi does not put on Black Spring Break, but Mayor FoFo Gilich thinks it is time to reconsider their involvement.

The city will now explore options on how to make the event safer for everyone, whether that be through ordinances or spreading out vendors. “It’s just a massive amount of folks in a condensed area. The timing of things, again, it’s a 24/7 situation with regard to the crowds, in and out of hotel rooms, and in and around clubs. But, it’s – it’s something we have to rethink. Again, this is something we have to handle.”

The mayor will be delivering further remarks Tuesday at the City Council meeting. If you have any information about the shooting, please call the Biloxi Police Department.

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