Biloxi Police Department’s citizen’s police academy application deadline approaching

The Biloxi Police Department is accepting applications for its inaugural citizen’s police academy. The academy is designed to give citizens insight into how the police department serves the community.

Citizens will get classroom-based teaching, a ride-a-long, department tour, and hands-on demonstrations with some police equipment.

Biloxi PD Captain Thomas Goldworthy said, “We wanted to start connecting with the community and let them understand what we do. For a lot of people, see the patrol side, but they don’t see all of the key players in the background.”

Bomb Squad Commander Captain Milton Houseman said, “It would be a good opportunity for people in the city and area to learn about what the police department does and what is unique about the police department. Some of the special teams that you talk to and see today are a small portion of what they do.”

For example, you’ll learn more about departments like the bomb squad. The citizens academy teaches about each job while clearing up common misconceptions. Crime Scene Unit Investigator Candace Young said, “To kind of debunk the myths in crime scene investigations and forensic science in general. We all have our favorite crime scene shows. They’re super popular, but people kind of have a misconception about what we can and can’t actually do.”

Citizen’s academy students will learn about all sorts of things from the Biloxi Crime Scene Unit to SWAT team. SWAT Commander Sgt. Kris Hines said, “Most of the time, when you think of SWAT people, you think of guns blazing, going in, and kicking down doors, but it has completely changed over the years. Those misconceptions often put a bad taste in the people’s mouths when they think of SWAT.”

Participants also learn more about the purpose of dogs like Hammer in the canine unit. Officer Spencer Lansdale with the K9 Unit said, “People look at police canines as a poor treatment of certain suspects. I think a good thing the academy will show is a more in-depth explanation of benefits to having canines in police work, how invaluable they are, in my opinion.”

“Come out and see what it’s about. I’m sure you have questions about what we do. You may have preconceived notions about what goes on in the police department. Our doors are open. We’re so excited to get people in to teach them about what we do.”

Applications must be submitted by Friday. They’re accepting 25 applicants and you must be at least 21-years of age.

The ten-week program will begin January 4th and will run every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30.

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