Biloxi Police Department launches new program

Criminals beware! If you plan on breaking the law your chance of getting caught on camera and quickly is on the rise.

The Biloxi Police Department is using the latest technology to nab crooks and you can help!

Criminals are always coming up with new ways to break laws and police are always hot on the trail, coming up with new ways to catch them.

If you live or own a business in Biloxi, you can help solve crimes and put offenders where they belong: behind bars, thanks to a new program just launched by Biloxi Police. Lt. Louis Moran with Biloxi PD’s Criminal Intelligent Unit said, “The Biloxi Police Department has been partnering with Fusus, which is a company that brings together support platforms for real time crime centers, virtual real time crime centers. The public facing side of that is called Fusus Registry, which provides a mechanism for private property owners to list their surveillance cameras on site and make them available for public safety use. For example, if we have a crime in an area, where we see on a pin map, which would be a location of a camera, we can reach out to that homeowner or property owner and request a copy of that video. We don’t see that live video. It’s not streaming into our system.”

Not only will signing up with the program help catch criminals, it can help law enforcement help capture violators more quickly. “It’s a value added service.  It allows the police department to get more information in less time. In many cases, officers have to go out and canvass neighborhoods and businesses, looking for potential video evidence for crime in the area. This technology allows us to look at a map and identity key locations, pinpoint key locations and go straight to the source.”

Registrant information and video files provided will be kept confidential and only used in the event of a criminal investigation and signing up is easy.  “If you go to the Biloxi website, and look at the tile at the bottom, you are looking for the Fusus Registry. That will bring you to the Biloxi Police Department, and you follow the register camera link. That will bring you to the log in site. Simply create an account. Pin map-you select where your cameras are at, and you select the level of you want released to the Biloxi Police Department, and that’s it.”

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