Biloxi Police arrest Hiller Park party organizer; Plans in the work to limit park hours

Night one of the curfew on Thursday night,when travel is supposed to be limited, prompted a number of traffic stops and the dispersing of a crowd at Hiller Park gathered for a party, which was later moved to a residence where Biloxi Police arrested an organizer.

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller, appearing on the city’s Be Prepared video message today, said plans are in the works to limit the hours of Hiller Park and police are also going to be monitoring the beachfront boardwalks, particularly in West Biloxi this weekend, when spring break had been previously promoted on social media sites.

Gov. Tate Reeves has ordered beaches closed until further notice beginning at 5 this afternoon. Beachfront boardwalks, walking trails and the seawall remain open for individuals, primarily walkers or runners.

Parking bays are closed between Treasure Bay and DeBuys Road, Miller said, and police would work to disperse any crowds in any areas of the city.

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