Biloxi PD honors fallen officers with annual Fallen Officer Ceremony

Two years ago today, the South Mississippi community lost a beloved member of the Biloxi Police Department.

Now, in Officer Robert McKeithen’s honor, the community remembers that a hero’s legacy lives on.

The Biloxi Police Department held their annual Fallen Officer Ceremony to remember those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of their community.

Fellow law enforcement, community leaders, and family gathered at the Biloxi Police Department to honor those they’ve lost.

In memory of those who have fallen, the Biloxi Police Department honored those who put their lives on the line.

This hits close to home for Rick Randazzo, a former deputy and constable for Harrison County, as he received flowers for the loss of his cousin, Officer David Higginbotham, who was killed in June 1972. “David joined the Navy and went to Vietnam and was on one of the river boats over there. When he came home, he continued his service to the community and to the citizens by joining the Biloxi Police Department.”

Randazzo has been coming to the Biloxi Police Department year after year in remembrance of his cousin David Higginbotham who lost his life in the line of duty over 50 years ago.

Randazzo understands his cousin made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of his community. “I was in law enforcement in one time in my life and when I look at these officers and know what they have to put it up with today I don’t know how they do it.”

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller believes these ceremonies help keep the memory of the fallen alive. “These families go through an unbelievable amount of stress after the death of an officer. So, it’s always important to have them here, to honor them.”

It’s also a day of reflection. “We have to go through some horrible things when the death of an officer takes place. Then you relive those things on days like today, but it certainly makes you appreciate every day.”

Thursday, the second annual Officer Robert McKeithen Blood Drive will be on the second floor of the Biloxi Visitors Center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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