Biloxi Names Kenny Glavan Acting Mayor

The City of Biloxi has appointed a new acting mayor to hold the seat until a special election can be held. The move comes one week after Mayor A.J. Holloway resigned from office to focus on his health.

News 25 attended Tuesday morning’s special council meeting, where council President, Kenny Glavan, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem. Glavan says, "My biggest focus is to make sure Biloxi has the most positive image that it can possibly have, that we’re sending the right message to visitors of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and those that want to invest and increase our economic development." Glavan was elected through a majority vote by fellow council members, marking what some are calling "history in the making," as the city transitions between a total now of four different mayors in a matter of months.

Officials say the main focus right now is moving Biloxi forward. Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, "This is real big time for Biloxi right now because we’ve never seen something like this in the entire 300 year history of our city. Never have we had a mayor who served as long as A.J. Holloway has, so now we’re at the precipice of making some big changes in Biloxi."

Mayor Holloway served for 22 years before checking himself into an alcohol rehab facility in late January, and appointing Councilman Felix Gines to serve in his place. Officials say they’re facing changes by keeping the city first. Gines says, "We need to get behind him, support him. I’ll give him everything that I got. I’ll give him everything that A.J. Holloway gave me." Paul Tisdale, Biloxi City Councilman for Ward 5, says, "He’s very good at staying focused. He has very good managerial skills."

While rumors circulate about who Biloxi’s next mayor will be, one thing is certain, former Mayor Holloway has walked the halls since 1993 and will be missed. Glavan says, "His track record certainly speaks for itself. I don’t think there will ever be another mayor that will serve for as long as Mayor Holloway has, and we have nothing but proud thoughts when we think of his accomplishments."

Glavan has agreed to forego extra pay in his role as mayor and to step down as council president.

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