Biloxi Meeting with Mobile Gaming Company

It may not be your typical gaming business, but a new mobile gaming development company could be on its way to Biloxi.
Today, Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich will be meeting with representatives from Umbrella Gaming. The company is known for creating multiple mobile gaming apps like ‘Colorpede,’ ‘Back to Square One,’ and ‘Mindscape,’ all available for download in iOS and Android app stores.
Nothing is set in stone, but the company is looking at locating a part of its company from Los Angeles to right here on the Coast. “Locating to Biloxi from L.A. for all those reasons, it’s better to operate and still be able to reach the rest of world right here from Biloxi because of that information infrastructure and gigabyte and that type of capability we’re trying to bring to the table,” said Mayor Gilich.
Mayor Gilich tells News 25, Umbrella is just one of a few tech companies looking to make a move to Biloxi.

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