Biloxi mayor’s trip to Cuba

Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich is taking a swing at bringing the Cuban National Baseball team to Biloxi.
Mayor Gilich takes off for Havana, Cuba tomorrow for a four day trip with four other Gulf Coast locals. Mayor Gilich and Biloxi’s Civic Innovation and Development Officer Cliff Kirkland have spent more than a year trying to bring the Cuban National Baseball team to play a series of games in MGM Park.
Mayor Gilich believes this trip will build relationships between Biloxi and Cuba and strengthen the possibility of the baseball partnership. “The Cuban team is, as far as amateurs, they stand together so it’s almost, the Cuban National Team is pretty strong and of course I think we play baseball pretty good here too. That’s the opportunity to have some top notch world class amateur baseball, not professional.”
Biloxi officials recently met in Washington, D.C. with Miguel Fraga who is the first secretary of the Cuban embassy. Fraga encouraged their visit to Cuba and is planning his own visit to Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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