Biloxi mayoral candidates prepare for debate.

Door to door and street to street, the Biloxi mayoral candidates are wasting no time to campaign through their city.

“We’re knocking on doors, seeing the concerns of the people so I can take it back to city hall,” says Councilman and mayoral candidate, Felix Gines.

Exactly one week from today, all ten candidates will gather in an open debate, answering how they can assure the future success of Biloxi. Paul Tisdale and Felix Gines are two of those candidates and they believe they have the answer.

“Hearing the concerns of the citizens, that’s my platform. My platform basically is the people, so with the experience I have, I think I already have all the answers and they’ve instilled it in my already,” says Gines.

“Economic development appears to be the number one topic in Biloxi; how can we encourage and increase economic development in the city,” adds Tisdale.

But, with so many names on the ballot, candidates are urging all voters to go to the polls for the special election, and avoid a runoff.

Paul Tisdale remarks, “Will folks wait to see which two emerge in the runoff and then go to vote? My personal opinion, I think of those that serve in the armed forces and those that have served, and the least you can do is go vote on Election Day."

This special election is already costing the city/taxpayers $75,000. A runoff would mean more special funding.  

Felix Gines says, "Hopefully I can save tax payers money by winning it the first round out right." 

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