Biloxi mayor weighs in on Harrison County school bond

The results are in as voters cast their ballots in yesterday’s mid-term elections with local races and issues on the ballot including a $55 million school bond issue passed overwhelmingly by Harrison County residents.

The bond issue passed with 75 percent of the votes, meaning citizens voted in favor of two new schools being built as well as updates to many other schools.

Back in October, the City of Biloxi went on record saying that they opposed the Harrison County School Board on the school bond issue. Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich said in part: “rushed decisions usually do not turn out very well,” and “in this case, bigger is not better.”

This morning, News 25 spoke with Mayor Gilich who once again says he wants what is best for all of Biloxi. “We want to be clear. We are not against doing what is best for our children. What I am interested in is Biloxi public schools for our children. Children who live in Biloxi go to public schools in a straight forward way.”

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