Local Man Breaks Salvation Army World Record

The Salvation Army helps more than four million people a year with the non-profit’s Red Kettle Campaign. Just in time for Christmas, a local man breaks the world record for the longest time spent ringing that classic bell.
Ringing that bell for 151 hours straight, now world record holder Jamie Richardson says it’s the kindness of givers passing by that’s helped this Salvation Army soldier fight through his battle mission. “I’ve even seen some homeless people give out money. That mean’s everyone’s helping, you know.”
The world record for ringing the iconic Salvation Army bell the longest was broken outside Walmart in Biloxi early Sunday morning. A group of supporters cheered Richardson on and held the final countdown.
His last night was a wet one. Salvation Army Area Commander Gary Sturdivant said, “He told me on day one, he said ‘God’s got this’ and so we believe that there was something outside of him that helped him to do this for this long.”
For a week straight, rain or shine, Richardson stood at the front entrance of the 24 hour store. “In the middle of the night, it was really hard when it was quiet. There was one night we had to be in this tent here because of the rain and for 12 hours only two people came up to me.”
Could you imagine: seven days without sleep, standing out in the cold, ringing that bell. Could you do it? Gulfport resident Wade Bishop said, “No way, just being out here for an hour or two late pretty much disrupted a whole day.”
But the hours Richardson spent ringing that bell will help others and go down in history. He says he hopes his challenge will inspire others to help those in need. “For those who have a heart, especially this time a year, just open your hearts and give. It’s a good cause,” said Wade.
“(So now that your mission is complete what are you going to do?)” “Well, go to church and then obviously going to rest after that,” said Richardson.

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