Biloxi Lighthouse turns green

The Hibernia Marching Society is kicking off the month of March in a major way.

Tonight, the group gathered at the Biloxi Lighthouse to switch the color to a festive St. Paddy’s Day green.

Then, during the Biloxi City Council Meeting Mayor FoFo Gilich read the proclamation and the group was in attendance to receive it and present it to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day annual parade grand marshals.

Organization President Celeste O’Keefe says she loves this time of year. “I actually marched in the first parade as I said and my husband’s Irish. I didn’t know I was Irish actually until I did a DNA test about a month ago and I’m 38.6 percent Irish and I had no idea. We love it. The organization’s important because his father started it and we want to keep the tradition going.”

The Hibernia Parade takes place in Downtown Biloxi March 14th at 2 p.m.

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