Biloxi kicks off 2017 with first official football practice

What was just an average Monday for most of the world may as well have been a holiday for Biloxi head football Coach Bobby Hall. This afternoon, he observed the first official day of the high school football season as dictated by the Mississippi High School Activities Association. The Indians celebrated with a 3:30 practice, better known as Christmas in July.
Beating out the Fourth of July on Bobby Hall’s favorite days of the year power rankings this year is the 31st of July. “Just the start of another journey, man. Every football team is different. You’ve got a different group of seniors, a different group of freshman. So it makes a new team which gives it a different chemistry, a different everything. So every year it’s new.”
Something else that’s new is success. In 2015, Coach Hall took over a Biloxi program that failed to win a single district game the year before. Just two seasons later, the 2016 Indians made a complete turn-around with a division record of 4-3 and a trip back to the playoffs. Biloxi Quarterback/Cornerback Brodie King said, “We weren’t a very winning football team when he first came in here and now we’ve evolved to be that winning culture and have a winning attitude every single day that we come out here and it’s a successful attitude.”
“We’ve got the culture changed. We’re not the most talented team in 6A, we’re not even close, but attitude and work ethic, we’re as good as anybody,” said Coach Hall.
Biloxi Safety Dexter Johnson said, “We weren’t really that good. I’m not going to lie, we weren’t really that good. We weren’t mentally tough. We were there physically, we just didn’t have the mental part and now we’ve got the mental part and some of the physical. So, I think we’re going to like take on a lot of teams this year.”
Big Red will take on the opposition behind the strength of its motto for 2017: We-US-Together-Team. Not to mention, a little more bark to go along with that bite.
“We’ve started saying like dogs, so when we come out of the locker room and stuff we start barking at each other. On the field we’re barking at each other, so we try to get us pumped up.”
“This is very much like planting corn. We planted it two years ago and it was a seed. Now it’s come up and it’s about this high and in a few years it’s going to be way up there.”
The Indians will be in full pads for the first time on Saturday for their first scrimmage of 2017. Hall was inducted into the Mississippi Association of Coaches Hall of Fame last month.

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