Biloxi High School teachers preparing for new semester

A new year means a new semester for students heading back to school, but a special group of people have to make sure the school is ready for them.

Biloxi High School teachers reported back to school for a teacher work day.

The work day is designed for teachers to have a whole day dedicated to preparing lesson plans, sharing ideas, and getting the classrooms organized.

Training sessions and meetings are also held to discuss what works best for the faculty and what to expect for the rest of the semester.

Biloxi High Algebra teacher Stephanie Smith says she’s thankful for a day to prepare for the upcoming year and is ready to touch the lives of her new students this semester. “They’re my life. I talk about them even when I’m not at school. I feel like I have 60 kids, but I’m really excited to have this opportunity to have new students and to continue changing students and get to meet more of them and them meet me.”

Biloxi High School students report back to school tomorrow morning.

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