Biloxi High School hosts Career Exploration Day

Biloxi High School held a Career Exploration Day for students who did not meet criteria to go off campus for Career Day.

Students were able to not only interact with businesses, but take part in hands-on activities with some of them.

For instance, if interested in photography, the student was able to actually take photos and see what the job responsibilities included and have fun as if they were already hired.

The unique Career Day had more than 30 vendors and colleges for students to potentially be a part of in the future.

Students walked from booth to booth with bags to collect more information on businesses they were interested in. Biloxi High School Special Education Chair Shannon Banashak said, “The whole idea behind this was to make connections with local businesses so that when they go to find a job or want a career in that pathway, they kind of have a connection with somebody that’s in the local community for them that they already met today.”

If students were not able to attend the career day, Biloxi offers a career center where they can get guidance for the future.

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