Biloxi High School holds Assembly on Drinking and Driving

Biloxi High School students go into prom weekend with more perspective of the outcomes and dangers associated with drinking and driving.
Law enforcement, AMR personnel and Biloxi firefighters came to the high school’s gym for an assembly on drinking and driving. Cars were set up to model a crash in a full reenactment of what getting a DUI would be like. The students listened to speakers, including a police officer whose daughter died as a victim of a drunk driving accident.
Biloxi High School will have prom this weekend and campus police officer Daisy McCarroll thinks the event will help the kids make better decisions. “We had Mr. Weatherford here who spoke and he showed them the accident that happened that killed his daughter. I think that just brings reality to them, that it can happen.”
Biloxi High School junior Savannah Goolsby said, “It showed you all the terrible consequences that can come from making a bad decision such as drinking and driving and how it not only affects your life but everyone around you.”

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