Biloxi Fire Department upgraded from class 3 to class 2

The Biloxi Fire Department made a special announcement this afternoon at the Lopez Quave Public Safety Center.

The Mississippi State Rating Bureau has officially elevated Biloxi Fire Department from a class 3 to class 2 rating.

The state rates fire stations from 1 to 10 with one being the best rating. Biloxi is only the second fire department in the state to receive a class 2 rating, along with Gulfport. Currently there are no class 1 departments in the state.

The Biloxi Fire Department, which has 163 firefighters in ten stations across the city, responds to about 150 calls a week and has an average response time of three to five minutes.

Fire Chief Joe Boney, Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich, and Biloxi firefighters celebrated the accomplishment with cake and moon pies. Chief Boney said, “To me, it’s humbling because I’m just a small part of this. These guys are the ones that go out every day, multiple times a day, and save lives. And they do it professionally. We work with them. We keep them educated. We keep them informed of what we’re doing. All along, we have requested that they work with us to get this rating down because we couldn’t do it without their assistance.”

Firefighter Allen Parker said, “I’m really proud that the city was able to accomplish this and that our administrators worked so hard to get this status because it really does a lot for the businesses and the citizens of Biloxi.”

For Biloxi residents this change in rating could result in savings on fire insurance. Residents should contact their insurance agents to make sure they are now receiving discounts as a result of the upgraded class rating.

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