How Biloxi Fire Department is keeping you safe during COVID-19 pandemic

Everyday firefighters work to keep our community safe, but now they have another battle to fight: COVID-19.

Emergencies do not stop because of a global pandemic so firefighters have had to change their protocol when helping the public.

Every day the Biloxi firefighters report for duty they have their temperatures taken before entering the station to make sure they are healthy.

Each morning all of the firetrucks are disinfected and when it’s time for the firefighters to respond to a medical call they are in full Tyvek hazmat suits with googles, N-95 masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

This is all to prevent exposure of COVID-19 to both firefighters and members of the community.  Firefighter Kenny Matlock said, “Everyday, we have to put on something here to protect ourselves whether it be n-95 masks, Tyvek suit, or our turnout gear. We are always putting something on to protect ourselves from the dangers and emergencies of the world.”

As of right now, all Biloxi fire stations are currently locked down to the public. Each station has signs posted on the doors, giving people directions on how to access the firefighters.

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