Biloxi Fire Department GoFundMe page for Florence victims

A GoFundMe page has been set up for victims of Florence.

In an effort to give back to those who lost their homes and need help getting back on their feet, the Biloxi Fire Department has set a $10,000 goal to help with relief efforts.

Fire Chief Joe Boney tells News 25 they won’t be able to bring actual supplies along with them so this will help fund the supplies they need for their relief trip and anything that’s left over will go strictly to those in the affected areas.

Chief Boney says they had numerous departments from South Carolina that came and helped after Hurricane Katrina. “This is a little bit more personal to us. Last year we went to Texas and we didn’t know anybody down there, but we know people up there and that’s who we’re trying to help out. It’s important to understand that we go up there primarily to help first responders. First responders, they are always working in the community and they don’t have always have time to work on their own properties and stuff so we want to go and help them.”

Chief Boney says a team of 12 will leave for North Carolina sometime within the first week of October.

You can visit the GoFundMe page by visiting Hurricane Florence Relief.

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