Biloxi Excel by 5 grand re-opening

Biloxi Excel by Five began their journey in 2009 and now, eight years later they have two full wings inside the old Lopez Elementary School and a partnership with Families First for Mississippi.
Today, they held a grand opening for their second wing which houses new interactive rooms with toys, books, and hands on activities. Excel by 5 provides children from birth to five years and parents the resources they need to be prepared for future education.
The new partnership with Families First for Mississippi makes the Lopez School a one stop shop for family development. Biloxi Excel by 5 Certification Manager Susan Hunt said, “This is where it all begins, birth to five. We’re only open three days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays nine to noon and Wednesdays 10:30 to 1. Those are the only times we are open and we are packed.”
Families First for Mississippi Regional Coordinator Rebecca Brown said, “Our services then come in and help from the crayons all the way to college and to career. We do that by providing parenting classes, life skill classes, job skills, financial literacy, anything it takes to get the daily work of life done.”
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