Biloxi Engineering Department to help speed road construction, save money

The City of Biloxi is moving forward with plans to add an in-house engineering department, to help speed up the process of the $365-million infrastructure project. City officials say creating the department will help them better oversee the massive amount of roadwork going on in the city. 14 new employees will comprise the department. Some of their duties will include in-house design work in an effort to save the city money.

“Part of the thing that is driving this is that the federal funds ran out for the oversight of the infrastructure work we have going on in Biloxi right now so what we’re doing is we are creating this new city department,” says Public Affairs Director, Vincent Creel.

Biloxi’s new engineering department is scheduled to be up and running within the next few weeks. It’s expected to cost the city roughly one million dollars a year.

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