Biloxi community comes together to discuss recent gun violence

At the Biloxi Civic Center, the concerned east Biloxi community came together to put an end to recent gun crimes.

Mayor ‘FoFo’ Gilich, Biloxi Police Chief John Miller and Biloxi Ward 2 Councilman Felix Gines hosted a meeting this evening to update the community on recent arrest to crimes they’ve been experiencing in their east Biloxi neighborhood.

The three community leaders expressed their efforts to put a stop on gun violence.

During the meeting neighbors shared their history living in the neighborhood and the positive and negative experiences they’ve lived through. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “With some arrests today and with the up step of patrol, that’s been going on now for about a month, I know that most of them in here have told they’ve seen a difference and I believe that. So, I was glad to have the opportunity today to say what they felt and to point in a couple of directions that we can go that will help the community even more.”

The panel will host a follow up meeting in two weeks to discuss policing improvements.

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