Biloxi City Officials Look to Stop Mississippi Power Rate Hikes

What originally started out as an estimated $2.2 billion for the Kemper Power plant is now costing $6.1 billion. To compensate for costs, Mississippi Power has increased its customer’s monthly rates. Now, the city of Biloxi and other small business owners are looking to hold Mississippi Power more accountable.
Enough is enough: that’s what the city of Biloxi is saying to constant rate hikes from Mississippi Power.
“What the city wants to do is preserve our right and our ability to be able to be heard. To have a voice on behalf of the city itself, the businesses in Biloxi and the residents of Biloxi,” said Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel.
Yesterday, Biloxi City Attorney Gerald Blessey filed a request with the State Public Service Commission to have a seat at the table when Mississippi Power asks for its next round of rate increases. In addition to the city, motions to intervene have also been filed by seven other businesses in South Mississippi including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Island View Casino Resort, Omega Protein, the Biloxi Firm Gulf Coast Produce, Moss Point Fishing Process Plant and the American Seafood Processors Association.
Mark Mavar, president of Biloxi Freezing and Processing and M&M Processing said, “All of this is a ground swell of support that is just in its infancy and I think eventually we’re going to see the power company and the Public Service Commission and our elected officials have to come to the table and explain this whole situation.”
Mavar said he’s paid a total of $117 thousand in rate hikes towards the Kemper Power Plant.
Both Mavar and the city of Biloxi say this not a personal attack on Mississippi Power, it’s about looking out for their businesses, the coast economy and the livelihood of its citizens.

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