Biloxi City Council Has More Baseball Worries

The World Series started Tuesday night, meaning the baseball season will soon come to an end. That’s bad news for the City of Biloxi, as the start of the minor league season is coming closer and the stadium is far from complete.

The City Council met Tuesday to discuss, among other things, revisions to the M.G.M. Park contract. The city is over $400,000 short on the stadium budget to add seating that will bring the park up to the minimum of 6,000 required seats. Seating still isn’t the only issue. Many other amenities, including an audio/video package and scoreboard, are still on the table and will add to the budget shortfall. Time is running out for the city as the season is just six months away.

Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, "This project will inject some economic activity in downtown Biloxi. What the council is also hoping is that they can get this project finished as soon as they can, because as you know, we’re facing a $10,000 penalty for every home game that’s missed. Right now, that figure looks to add up unless we can get this thing finished."

The estimated completion date for the stadium is August of 2015.

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