Biloxi citizen brings plans of gondola to city council

One Biloxi citizen wants to add a big attraction to the Gulf Coast.

A gondola is a vehicle that is placed on a continuous cable system. Gondolas are used in other cities and former Long Beach Police Officer Craig Deroche believes they would be a perfect fit on the Gulf Coast as well as bring joy to tourists and locals.

Deroche plans to pitch this idea to the Biloxi City Council, but needs more support to make his dream a reality. “Like I said, it was an idea. I said, you know, we need to generate some interest. So, I did, I spoke with my city councilmen in Biloxi, I live in Biloxi. And, I pitched it to him and said ‘What do you think about this idea?’ and he was very receptive. He said it’s doable. So, now we are generating interest in order to start the procedure, maybe, to have a committee to look at this more serious.”

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