Biloxi Beach Wade-In Remembrance Program

Sixty years ago, a wade-in took place in Biloxi that played a huge role in the Civil Rights Movement. On Tuesday, May 14th, the Biloxi Branch of the NAACP will remember and honor those who fought for change.

The first of three marches was conducted by Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. on May 14th, 1959. He went swimming with a small number of friends before being told to leave the beach by local police.

Now, six decades later, this free, special ceremony will include Civil Rights activists and those who actually participated in the very first wade-in. Wade-in participant Clemon P. Jimerson said, “It was a historical moment that paved the way and open the way for the public access, laws, and also voter registration. By the grace of God, I was able to be a part of this process.”

This event is a chance for the younger generation to learn and truly understand the struggles at the time during the Civil Rights Movement.

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