Biloxi Bay Open for Oyster Harvesting

For the first time in at least 40 years, Biloxi Bay will open for oyster harvesting.
The State Department of Marine Resources announced the reefs in the Biloxi Bay portion of the Mississippi Sound will open at sunrise on Tuesday.
DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller referred to the opening as historic and goes on to say the opening confirms water quality has improved in the bay.
Officials want to remind fishermen that harvesting is limited to oyster tonging and no dredging will be allowed. The limit is 15 sacks per day. Melissa Scallan with DMR said, “In fact, some of our staff, their grandparents harvested off of this reef. It’s exciting for us to be able to open it finally and to give the oyster men some more areas to harvest oysters.”
Artificial reefs will not be open for oyster harvesting.
There will be a station in the Ocean Springs Harbor for fishermen to check in and out each day.

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